Allow your guests to purchase QR code tickets online or at kiosks in the easiest way possible and avoid pointless queues!

By digitalizing your guests’ ticketing processes, you can prevent long queues and boost customer happiness. You can have your visitors sign the necessary documents online when they purchase the tickets and also offer add-ons with tickets like food or beverage.
Self-service kiosks with easy-to-use interface allow your guests to purchase their tickets and add-ons quickly, minimizing wait time at the reception desk.
You can speed up check-ins by having your guests get wristbands at the box office in exchange for QR code tickets purchased online or at the kiosk.
Your guests can top up their wristbands with credit at top up kiosks and easily make cashless payments at different points of sales. You can refund their unused balance at check out too.

Your guests can place orders from your restaurant via order kiosks using credits in their wristbands.

Your guests can get the refund of the remaining balance in their wristband at the check out kiosk. If you use a post payment system, your visitors can see their spendings from all sales points and make the payment via credit card at this kiosk before checking out.
Your guests who visit in groups can create a pool account and pay all of their expenses from a single e-wallet account.
You can require a deposit fee from your guests for the wristbands during ticket sale and refund the deposit if they return the wristbands at check out.

You can refund the unused credits of your guests when they return their wristbands at the box office during check out. Your guests can get the refund to their credit cards using refund kiosks in the facility as well.

You can manage requests and group bookings of agencies hassle-free with Flyby.

Flyby’s ticketing module has eliminated long queues and complicated operations. Our guests can now buy their tickets effortlessly online, minimizing our operational burden. Flyby’s ticketing module makes it effortless for our guests to make purchases by topping up the balance on their wristbands and get their remaining balance refunded at the exit. In our business where entertainment is at the forefront, we are happy when our guests are happy.