Online Sales

Reach your customers anytime, anywhere and grow your business with online payment solutions!

Reach your customers anytime anywhere! Start selling your memberships, services, packages and retail products online via your website or mobile app and open the doors of your business to a wider audience- increase your retention and customer acquisition rates in return.
Reduce queues by selling tickets for visitors online! Improve customer satisfaction by digitalizing your guests’ ticket purchasing processes and reduce the workload on the reception desk.
Flyby is integrated with market leader payment providers such as Stripe and Amazon Payfort. It is possible to make seamless integrations with local payment processing providers from different regions as well.
Easily and securely take collections from your guests by sharing e-payment links with them, simplify the process for both parties.
Make your guests feel special and reward their loyalty. Assign your guests exclusive coupon codes that can be applied during online purchases and drive revenue while increasing customer satisfaction.
Sell your guests gift vouchers or gift cards online that they can get for their family or friends as surprises.
Increase the efficiency of your operation and integrate sustainable practices to your business. When purchasing memberships, packages, services or retail products online, have your guests approve contracts assigned for these sales with their electronic signature online via your branded mobile app or website.

Thanks to Flyby’s “Online Sales” module, guests can purchase membership or private lesson packages without the need to come to our business. We offer different options such as gift vouchers, gift cards, discount coupons, ticket sales, and provide a faster and safer service to our customers thanks to integrated payment systems. As a result of the online sales feature, we receive very good feedback from our guests, guest satisfaction is always at the forefront for us!

Ali Uçar / Owner