Mobile App

Offer your guests a personalized experience with Flyby mobile app published with your business logo and name!

Offer your members a great user experience by letting them manage their own memberships 24/7! Your guests can purchase & freeze memberships, make due payments and easily renew their memberships through the app. They can also view their visit and purchase history.
Online sales is the way to go. Thanks to Flyby’s payment gateway integrations, you can easily sell memberships, packages, services and retail products to your guests via your mobile app and boost your turnover while reducing the workload of your sales staff.

Digitalize your guest experience. Your guests can easily book private or group class sessions via your branded mobile app. They can also cancel or reschedule their bookings online according to parameters you set. Therefore, while enhancing user experience and saving your guests time, the workload of your staff decreases.

Help your guests with everything they need in reaching their health and fitness goals. Users can easily access and view their body measurement details from your mobile app and compare it with their past data.
Help your guests with everything they need in reaching their health and fitness goals. Your trainers can assign your guests customized workout programs with different difficulty levels and your guests can view them from your mobile app. You can also add GIFs or videos for exercises and ease your guests’ onboarding process.
A great channel to engage with your customers instantly and directly, push notifications help you boost user engagement and drive revenue. You can update your guests on weekly class schedules or special events, send reminders of upcoming reservations or expiring membership, offer special campaigns or simply wish them a happy birthday.
Your logo, your colors! Thanks to Flyby’s white-label mobile app, you can stand out in online app stores with your business’s name and logo and increase your brand awareness.
Useful information is a click away. Your guests can follow up on the key details of their existing packages like expiration date, booking and purchase history easily via Flyby mobile app.
Collect feedback from your guests to analyze how you can enhance your services for the best customer experience. Your guests can receive automated surveys on Flyby mobile app and rate your service quality after a group class session they attended, when their package expires or after a certain number of check-ins in your facility.

Increase the efficiency of your operation and integrate sustainable practices to your business. Have your guests approve various contracts, from health surveys to sales agreements and membership contracts to PARQs, with their electronic signature via your branded mobile app.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cards or wristbands. You can allow your guests to easily access your facility by scanning or generating a QR code via your mobile app and provide a safe and smooth experience.

We have a stylish and easy-to-use mobile app that is in line with our corporate identity and the expectations of our guests. Our guests carry the services they will need in their pockets, log in to the facility with this app, and even fulfill many of their requests through the mobile app at any time without even talking to the reception before coming to the facility. Our guests, who easily perform many transactions from booking to payment from their phones, do not waste time and their satisfaction rates increase. Flyby’s Mobile App module is really great!

Levent Mert Üstüner / GM