Membership Management

Meet all the needs of your guests with a wide range of membership types and manage your business in the most effective way with detailed reports!

Respond to all needs of your guests with different membership plans such as individual/group membership, recurring membership and commitment membership. Determine your best growth strategy with insightful reports. Moreover, produce fast and effective solutions to your members’ requests with customer-oriented features like membership freeze, additional time and membership transfer.
Reach your customers anytime anywhere! Start selling your memberships and other services online via your website or mobile app and open the doors of your business to a wider audience- increase your retention and customer acquisition rates in return.

QR code, RFID wristband, RFID card or biometric data… Whatever the method may be, Flyby effortlessly manages and controls access of your members and guests in accordance with the parameters you set like time, day, membership or debt status.

Increase the efficiency of your operation and integrate sustainable practices to your business. With our e-contract module, you can have your guests approve various contracts, from health surveys to sales agreements and membership contracts to PARQs, with their electronic signature via your branded mobile app or a touch-screen compatible web interface, and store them digitally.

Win the hearts of your guests by elevating their membership experience. You can offer free or paid add-on services to guests such as massage, private lessons or towel service along with their membership purchases and drive extra income.

Offer exclusive deals to your guests and increase your income with discount codes you create. You can organize dynamic campaigns and take different sales actions by sending discount codes to your guests via SMS or push notifications.
Monitor all data regarding your members with comprehensive reports of Flyby! These extensive reports enable you to identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses and make strategic decisions.

Thanks to the Flyby membership management module, we can now easily track all our membership agreements in one place. We do not overlook expiring memberships or indebted members and take the necessary actions. We had the opportunity to increase our sales by determining membership types according to the needs of our guests. With access control devices, our facility is now much more organized and secure for both us and our guests.