Manage all your F&B processes in Cafe & Restaurant units from the entry of the product into the stock to the presentation to the guest from one place!

You can oversee and manage your table reservations easily by navigating on the floor plan of your restaurant section, book tables in advance by hour or day and set capacity limits for different tables.

Your staff can use hand terminals to quickly take F&B orders, collect payments via guests’ RFID cards or wristbands, and apply discounts.
You don’t need third party software to manage your kitchen area. With Flyby’s advanced POS module, orders taken by your staff with hand terminals are instantly reflected on the kitchen monitor. You can also communicate with the kitchen via a kitchen printer that prints order tickets when an order is taken.

Misafirlerinize güvenli ve hızlı bir ödeme çözümü sunun! Bileklik veya QR kod ile e-cüzdan ödemeleri yaparak para taşıma zorunluluğunu ortadan kaldırabilirsiniz! Misafirlerinize sunduğunuz modern ve pratik seçenekleri ile ödeme süreçlerini hızlandırabilir, müşteri memnuniyetini artırabilir ve daha güvenli bir alışveriş deneyimi sunabilirsiniz.

Thanks to Flyby’s integrations with hotel management systems, you can easily reflect the expenses of hotel guests who use your facility’s services to their room accounts and track all of their transactions under one account.
Keep track of the complimentary services your staff provide to guests.

Let your guests pay as they wish! You can take orders for a table on a guest-by-guest basis and split all payments with a single click.

You can set limited or unlimited non-payable accounts for managers and easily track these accounts.
From supplier and warehouse management to profit reports and material movements reports and purchasing invoices, you can follow up on every aspect of your inventory management with Flyby POS.
You can create prescriptions for the food or beverage you sell that consist of more than one product and track the stock of different materials precisely as you sell them- Flyby will reduce the stock of each product (by liter, gram, or the relevant unit you choose) included in the prescription accordingly.

With Flyby POS, we manage our restaurant and cafe areas perfectly! We perform our main tasks such as inventory tracking, table reservation and order management quickly and effectively under a single software. With Flyby POS, we save time and additional hardware costs as waiters’ orders are instantly reflected on the kitchen monitor. With Flyby POS, we maximize the efficiency of our business and customer satisfaction!