Seamlessly manage your fitness center and build your brand with FLYBY’s powerful management tools. Let’s grow your business and brand value together.

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Flyby is a new generation web-based management software that can be used from all platforms designed to manage and optimize the operations of fitness centers. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, your staff can quickly learn and use it. It provides business owners and managers with the opportunity to monitor, audit and improve the overall performance of the facility. As a result of the hassle-free management it provides, Flyby helps you grow your turnover directly and indirectly.

Flyby automates many operations such as membership transactions, access control, booking, invoicing & collection and guest relations, minimizing errors, elevating member experience and escalating turnovers. Thanks to online sales and marketing tools, it enables businesses to reach their target audience and directly raises revenues. With Flyby operations require less manpower and costs are reduced.

Facilities that are attempted to be managed without professional management software require more admin time, effort and staff. Processing and tracking data without software can be misleading and complicate supervising.

Firstly, the business should determine the priority needs in line with its operation. The preferred software should offer features that meet those needs, have a user-friendly interface, be easy to use, work integrated with other software and hardware, and be open to development. The software should respond to the needs of the age, allow staff and members to access from any device thanks to its mobile compatibility and keep user information safe and secure.

Open to be customized in line with business needs, it should provide transparent and comprehensive output on its training process and documentation.

Lastly, we recommend working with software brands with outstanding and global references, a tested and approved performance and a strong technical support team.

Fitness management software includes modules such as membership management, access control, booking, mobile app, business app, POS and CRM. Fitness centers have different numbers of customers and branches. Accordingly, the modules they need also differ. Therefore fitness management software are priced according to the preferred modules and number of branches.

Flyby was developed in line with user and field experience over 27 years of experience, and is used in more than 400 facilities in more than 20 countries. It differentiates itself from its competitors with its worldwide references, integration with global brands, detailed reports and strong technical support team.