FLYBY Tracker

Reduce your costs by preventing towel losses
with FLYBY Tracker.

FLYBY Tracker

With FLYBY Tracker, a money-saving towel tracking system, you can track your members’ and guests’ towel usage and your clean towel stock status, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing your costs.

Monetizing Towel Tracking System

Flyby Tracker is a money-saving smart towel tracking system specially developed for businesses such as fitness, spa, studio, hotel and aquapark. Flyby Tracker provides great advantages to facilities with its innovative technology.

How does it work?

Towels are placed clean and folded in the Flyby Tracker.

The user receives clean towels by swiping the card/wristband or entering the PIN number.

The towel received is visible in the system and its use is tracked.

Users who forget to leave their towel are warned at the exit turnstile.

Reduce your costs by preventing towel losses with Flyby Tracker.

Reduce Unnecessary Usage
Prevent/Avoid Losses
Reduce Workload

Increase Customer Satisfaction with More Hygienic Towels

Hygienic Service

Towels are stored and presented to members in a clean, organized and hygienic manner.

Service Quality

Continuity of service is ensured by sending notifications to the cleaning staff.

Easy Access

Towels are easily accessed with card, wristband or PIN numbers without the need for staff on duty.

Environment Friendly

Reduces water and energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary use of towels.

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