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Manage your aquapark/waterpark seamlessly and strengthen your brand with wellness management software Flyby’s powerful management tools.

More than 400 businesses around the world trust/choose/prefer Flyby.

Waterpark Software Management

Waterpark management is very easy with Flyby Ticketing. Everything you need in a waterpark is here.
  • Multiple Ticket Creation
  • Group Ticketing
  • QR Code Ticket Printing
  • Wristband Deposit Control
  • Remaining Credit Refund at Checkout
  • Agency
Take the orders of your guests who want to take a short break from having fun easily and increase your customer satisfaction.
  • Opening a Table Ticket
  • Payment with E-Wallet
  • Discounts
  • Order Detailing
  • Kitchen Order Monitor
Don’t worry about how to control thousands of square meters of space and different access points. Your business is in safe hands with Flyby’s versatile access control system
  • Access with Wristband / Card
  • Access with QR Code
  • Access by Reservation Status
  • Time and Venue Restricted Pass by Ticket Type
  • Membership Payment Due Date Control
How much of your products are left in restaurants and Proshops, which products sell the most. All at your fingertips with Flyby.
  • Supplier Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Recipe
  • Profitability Report
  • Material Transaction Report
  • Purchasing Invoices
Reduce your operational costs with our waterpark membership management module developed for your regular guests.
  • Individual Memberships
  • Group / Corporate Memberships
  • Recurring Memberships
  • Invoices and Payment Plans
  • Add-on
From birthday parties to animations. Detail all your events and manage them with pleasure.
  • Event & Classroom Creation
  • Capacity Control
  • Online Reservation
  • Mobile Reservation
  • Post-Service Survey
If you want your guests to avoid long queues in front of the cashier, Flyby online ticket and membership sales module is for you.
  • E-Ticket
  • Membership Sale
  • Collection with Payment Link
  • Discount Coupons
  • Electronic Contract
Measure consumer habits and create customized campaigns with our advanced customer relationship management module
  • Create Call and Appointment schedules
  • Facebook & Instagram integration
  • Website integration
  • Google Ads integration
  • Confidentiality agreements

Is it difficult to control waterpark fixtures and track maintenance? With Flyby asset management, your thoughts will change a lot.

  • Fixture History
  • Work Order Creation
  • Checklist
  • Photo Upload
  • QR, Barcode and NFC Support
  • Periodic Maintenance Schedule

Employee Management

Manage all your employee-related processes and save time.

  • Working Schedule
  • Timekeeping
  • Salary and Commission System
  • Document Management
  • Discount Authorization
Flyby waterpark software is not just about these features. Take advantage of the free demo and discover many more…
  • Lost & Found Management
  • Hotel Program Integration
  • RFID Lock Integration
  • Vending Machine Integration
  • Automatic email and SMS notifications
  • Accounting Program Integration

If you run a waterpark

If you run a waterpark, Flyby simplifies the way you run your business so you have more time to focus on your members.

Everything You Need to Manage a Waterpark

Experience the ease of managing waterpark with cloud technology ticketing and POS systems.


Create tickets with different content and currency types


Load money into electronic wallet accounts


Manage purchases in cafes and restaurants through wristbands


Take back the wristbands at check-out and refund the unused credit

Easy Ticketing

  • Sell your tickets at the box office or online with Flyby.
  • Control business access and ensure security.
  • Reduce costs by making sure every guest is charged.

POS Device

  • Sell more, earn more, think less.
  • With the electronic wallet app, members can pay with a wristband without carrying money while in the pool.
  • Track your sales instantly wherever you are.
  • Increase your sales with easy ordering interface.

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