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Strengthen your brand value with Flyby

Seamlessly manage your fitness center and strengthen your brand with the powerful management tools of Flyby, the wellness management software. Let’s grow your business and brand value together.

More than 400 businesses around the world trust/choose/prefer Flyby.

Fitness Software Management

Quickly access all your members’ data with a wide range of membership types; manage your business in the most effective way with detailed reports.
  • Individual / Group Memberships
  • Recurring Memberships
  • Committed Memberships
  • Add-On
Reduce operational costs and increase membership renewal rates with online payment methods and credit card storage services
  • Website integration
  • Payment via mobile app
  • Electronic Contract
  • Discount Coupons
With automated follow-up tasks, Flyby can alert your salespersons and ease their work with its effective CRM tools
  • Expiring Memberships
  • Satisfaction Calls
  • Member Attendance Tracking
  • Payment follow-ups

Whether QR code or wristband, card or biometric. Flyby has all the solutions you are looking for.

  • Fixed QR on gates
  • Dynamic QR with Flyby Mobile
  • Wristband and fingerprint authentication
  • Face Recognition

Safe and Smart

  • Overdue Payment follow-up
  • Time limitations
  • Appointment inquiry
  • Access monitor

Integrate your website with Flyby or let them shop through your mobile app; collect all due payments with a single click

  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Collection by sending payment links
  • Online contract
  • Multiple credit card storage

Your colors, your logo. All membership processes are at your customers’ fingertips.

  • Membership status tracking
  • Purchase membership
  • Membership renewal
  • Membership freeze

Do not limit it with membership transactions, just ask for more… Everything you are looking for is at Flyby Mobile.

  • PT and GX Class Booking
  • Body Measurements
  • Training Programs
  • Push Notifications
Booking one on one sessions, group sessions and GX classes are easy and fun both on Flyby and Flyby Mobile.
  • Package tracking
  • Venue, employee availability control
  • Capacity control
  • Easy booking with Flyby Business

With the web-based Flyby, you can enjoy every step from your tablet or computer.

  • Equipment selection in GX classes
  • Waiting List
  • Automatic booking reminder
  • Service confirmation with Flyby Business App

Flyby’s revolutionary manager app puts everything at your fingertips.

  • Turnover and Collection follow-up
  • Instant Facility Occupancy
  • Appointment Status Inquiry
  • Employee Access with QR Code

Flyby Business App brings smiles to trainers as well as managers.

  • PT and GX Bookings
  • PT Package Sale
  • Instructor reservation push notification
  • Creating Body Measurement and Workout Plan

Stay in constant contact with your potential customers and members with our advanced customer relationship management module.

  • Create call and appointment schedules
  • Measure the performance of your salespersons
  • Set sales targets
  • Easy analysis with graphical reports

Manage not only your walk-in leads but also your social media ads

  • Facebook & Instagram integration
  • Website integration
  • Google Ads integration
  • Confidentiality agreements

With its user-friendly interface, let your employees follow their processes with pleasure and be motivated by tracking their performance.

  • Expiring memberships are automatically assigned to call lists
  • Services with sessions to end are added automatically
  • After-sales satisfaction lists are created automatically
  • Motivated by watching call/appointment/sales graphs

If you run a fitness center

If you run a fitness center, Flyby makes it easier to manage your business so you have more time to focus on your members.

Keep Your Fitness Center Running Smoothly.

One single address for all your needs. Forget all your worries when it comes to running a fitness center.


Streamline your workflow with an integrated CRM solution.

Manage classes, members and staff.

Automate your entire sales workflow.

Reduce paperwork.

Get The Latest Trends on Membership Management

Expand your sales range with Flyby’s wide variety of membership types; offer new memberships to attract your members


Create standard, recurring or committed memberships


Sell your memberships from your website or mobile app


Reduce paper usage, switch to electronic contracts


Collect recurring payments from credit cards with a single click

Strengthen Your Marketing and Customer Relationships

Reach new customers and stay in touch with your members.

  • Send automatic notifications via email, SMS and mobile app.
  • Offer discounts and free trials.
  • Manage subscriptions and memberships.


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