Stay in constant contact with your guests and potential customers. Never miss an opportunity to increase your guest satisfaction and increase your renewal rates!

Your sales staff can create and manage different call lists for expiring memberships, packages or satisfaction, and follow up on their appointments with guests.

Satış ekibiniz için satış hedefleri belirleyebilir verilen hedefler doğrultusunda performansını ölçümleyebilirsiniz.

Graphic reports allow you to better analyze the activities and targets of your sales team by visualizing key data.
You can link your marketing ads to a “Call Me” page that collects the contact info of your leads and view and manage those leads from one place with Flyby.
Flyby will ensure that you comply with GDPR legislation by helping you take the explicit consent of your guests when you contact them or inform them about your offers.
Flyby automatically tracks memberships and packages of your guests and add people with expiring plans to specific call lists for your sales staff. Your sales team becomes more organized and effective, your member relations bolster and retention rates grow.
You can send bulk notifications to all of your guests or different guest groups and instantly inform people about your campaigns, events or announcements.

After we started using FLYBY’s CRM module, we have strengthened our customer relations. Our sales teams create call lists for guests whose memberships are about to expire or who have been absent for a while. We also increase guest loyalty with personalized campaigns and promotions, making our business more competitive. Flyby CRM feature has become an important factor for us on the road to success.

Muhammed Cansayar / Owner