Business App

Track your work instantly and manage your team from your mobile phone without a computer. The application can also be used by trainers to carry out operational tasks!

Thanks to the Flyby business app, your staff and receptionists can quickly create their private session and group class reservations, confirm PT services and take GX class attendance via their mobile phones, without the need for a computer.
Your key data on your fingertips. View your real-time sales or membership numbers with one click.
Check the instant occupancy numbers of your facility from anywhere anytime and take quick actions if necessary.
Your staff can access or exit the facility via QR code with Flyby business app and you can view their timekeeping data from Flyby.
Appointment Reminder Notifications Thanks to the Flyby business app, your trainers, instructors or therapists who do not work from the desk can receive automated notifications regarding their appointments and be informed of reschedules or cancellation instantly.
Your authorized staff can enter body measurement details of your guests or create your guests customized workout programs with different difficulty levels from Flyby business app.

Due to the nature of our business, I can’t always be at my desk, but thanks to Flyby’s Business App feature, I can easily review reservations and organize my daily schedule from my phone as if I were in front of a PC. I’m happy and so are our guests as I can get back to them quickly! Flyby provides great convenience to managers with its Business App feature.