Booking Module

Easily manage your guests’ and staff’s reservations without making any mistakes and make your operation flawless!

You can easily follow up on PT, massage or GX packages of your guests, set different parameters like expiration date and cancellation policy and view usage history.
Thanks to Flyby business app, your staff who do not work from the reception desk can quickly manage their operational work, organize their reservations and get notifications of their scheduled appointments or GX sessions from their mobile phones. Managers can also oversee and track daily operations and key statistics.

When booking a group class from your mobile app, guests can also select and book an equipment of their choosing from the layout plan of the studio. This can also be executed by the authorized receptionist from Flyby’s web interface while making reservations.

If a a group class session is fully booked, your guests can be added on a wait list and automatically booked to the session if someone cancels and a spot becomes available.

In all your busyness, it can be overwhelming to track if a private session really took place or following up how many people attended a group class. Thanks to Flyby’s service confirmation feature, you can make sure the session was really carried out and calculate the commissions without any errors. It’s very easy. After a session is completed, your guest generates a unique QR code from your mobile app and your staff scans that QR code using their business app. Or, your guest receives a unique SMS code and your staff enters that code to the business app.

You can automate complex commission calculation tasks by assigning different commission templates for your trainers, instructors, therapists or sales staff and reward your staff hassle-free.

Flyby makes a real-time availability check for all bookings made via Flyby or mobile apps and prevents conflicting reservations for the same room or staff.
By sending automatic SMS, e-mail or push notifications to your guests and staff, you can ensure that they arrive on time for their appointments and take early action for cases of cancellations or reschedules.
Your guests can make reservations for private sessions, group class sessions or massages online via your mobile app or website. While you increase your customer satisfaction, the workload of your staff and your operational costs reduces.
You can easily create your staff’s weekly working schedule, manage their shifts from a single place by arranging their daily and weekly leaves, and oversee the entire calendar at a glance.

Detailed reports about your bookings allow you to oversee and analyze key data such as participant and staff details, package usage and GX class occupancy.

Trying to edit reservation records via Excel files creates the risk of making mistakes and confusion, but thanks to Flyby’s Reservation module, we no longer have such problems. We can now manage private lessons and massage bookings much more easily. The reservation management software perfects not only the registration but also the payment processes. On behalf of our company and me, it is very valuable to manage the processes perfectly, and I recommend it to my colleagues with peace of mind.