About Us


FLYBY, a world-class management software, tracks and manages data in the best way in businesses such as fitness centers, SPAs, studios, aquaparks and golf clubs. FLYBY, which is currently used by over 400 facilities in more than 20 countries, increases the performance and efficiency of businesses.

FLYBY is a Senkron Tech company.

Corporate Values


We are thinking about the organization and effective use of the data generated in the ecosystem from different perspectives to make the management effective.

Customer Oriented

In addition to technological services, we provide high-level support to our customers to quickly solve users' needs and problems.


In case user behavior changes or new needs arise, we quickly adapt and take innovative actions.


FLYBY feeds on the innovation that comes from the genes of Senkron Tech. It constantly continues its research and development activities to realize the firsts in the category.

Our Philosophy

Track to improve​

FLYBY contributes to the continuous development of its customers by developing its data tracking-oriented management model with innovation.

Track to grow​

By providing effective management capability and customer support, FLYBY provides the basis for making the right decisions in the growth journey.

Track to be competitive​

FLYBY enables its customers to become and remain strong in their competition.




It has expanded its operations to 3 continents with more than 400 references in more than 20 countries.


Flyby company was established under the roof of Senkron Tech to provide software and hardware solutions to the Health and Wellness sector. Lapis and Havlumat products were rebranded and it was decided to continue with Flyby Management Software and Flyby Tracker under Flyby Software Inc.


The towel tracking system, which saves money and time, was launched under the name Havlumat and the first installation was made.


Work has begun to migrate Lapis, a Windows application, to the next generation web platform.


Towel tracking system that saves money and time" R&D studies started.


Teknopark expanded its R&D activities by moving to the technology development zone.


Started participating in international fairs.


Lapis Golf club management software was developed.


Antalya Regional Office Opened.


Lapis had its first major overseas sale.


We started to develop software for the fitness and spa sectors under the name Lapis.


Senkron Tech was founded to develop software for vertical industries.