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Developed with Over 27 Years of Experience,
Preferred in More than 20 Countries

Unique and Innovative

Crafting unique solutions based on field knowledge and constant user feedback, Flyby helps businesses keep up with competitive market conditions and operate efficiently with innovative technologies.

Integrated with Global Brands

FLYBY is integrated with industry-leading brands, allowing you to keep all your data under control on a single platform and maximize productiveness.

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References Worldwide

As a globally recognized and trusted company with international partners, constantly expanding FLYBY offers an unmatched service to customers in different geographies.

All in One Software

Offering comprehensive solutions within one single software, FLYBY responds to very specific needs of businesses that provide a wide range of services, varying from fitness to SPA, F&B and golf.

Customized Solutions for Your Business Type

Consisting of advanced modules tailored for different operation types, Flyby offers spot-on solutions specific to your business.







In our facility, we serve our guests in many different areas, including fitness spa and group classes. With FLYBY, we easily and practically follow the processes of our members before their registration to our facility. From the moment our members enter the facility, we plan and manage all their activities and offer them a high level of service. We are very pleased to work with Flyby and offer a high level of service to our guests.

Ant Fuatoğlu
Acıbadem Sports

The possibilities offered by Flyby in the field of membership management and marketing are quite good, in addition, it provides a significant increase in efficiency with reservations, check-in and check-out systems and customer relations functions. As a result of our research, we started working with FLYBY and they offered us all the solutions they claimed. We attach great importance to customer satisfaction, so we expect the same approach from the software we receive service from.

Levent Adıgüzel
Renaissance Polat İstanbul

The Flyby team has worked with us from the very beginning, like a part of our business. With membership management, booking, marketing strategies and other services, they have helped us optimize our business efficiently. We feel their commitment to customer satisfaction and with Flyby’s solutions, we are raising our standards and offering the best experience to our guests. Thanks to Flyby, there has been a noticeable increase in the growth rate of our business and we are happy that we made the right decision.

Giorgi Zedginidze

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